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Born in 1956 by a fifth-century fabric merchant, Kiton showcases a distinctive artisan experience and creativity to the minutest detail. Starting with a needle and thread, around 45 skilled tailors contribute to create a unique garment with approximately twenty-five hours of labour. Kiton is enlivened by the highest quality and assortment of fabrics such as vicuña, cashmere, fine wool, linens and precious silks to create each handmade garment. Dressing Kiton is a definite lifestyle, a symbol of inborn and timeless quality.

The craft tradition and distinctive elegance that makes Kiton a symbol of individuality worldwide is what inspires us to treat each piece with as much care as that which went into making it. Fittings customized for you, designs personalised for you, and style made just for you – our team is specially trained in Naples to realize your Made-to-Measure needs. Your choice expands across a comprehensive range of the finest fabrics, accentuated by a choice of linings and buttons with of course a plethora of styling and personalisation options; we help you determine a unique piece, tailor-made for you.


We do things as we used to do by
generations. With love, passion and mastery