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Imagining timepieces by mixing the ancestral tradition of pure watchmaking with contemporary design, Bovet has been creating timeless pieces of art since 1822. The heritage, the expertise, and the craftsmanship are the source of their constantly renewed creativity. Inherited from two centuries of passion dedicated to Haute Horlogerie, and combined with the talents of individuals united in perpetuating this exceptional legacy, Bovet has been constantly pushing the boundaries of timekeeping elegance as well as of the decorative arts.

Crafted from tradition that maintains an upkeep with globalization and the millennial age, Bovet draws a perfect balance between painstaking attention to detail and modern performance. A Bovet timepiece thus spans the ages, becoming a work with its own representation of the world and of time.

In addition to offering you this beautiful mix as is, we also provide customization for a large selection of timepieces. Ranging from an assortment of dial colours and finishes to custom monograms, miniature paintings, engraved and bejewelled cases as well as a monogrammed tourbillon cage, we add a dash of personalisation to modern-day history.

Bovet 1822

Bringing to you ancestral tradition of pure
watchmaking with contemporary design, since 1822.